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Our commitment to quality and service ensure our clients a great experience!

With years of experience and continuing education, our dedicated stylist are ready serve you and your beauty needs. Your style should be as unique as you are. Our talented stylist will create a precision hairstyle to harmonize your hair-type, facial shape, and way of life. Stylists' prices may vary based on level of skill and demand, as well as the personalized requests of the individual client. 

 Our comfortable, relaxed atmosphere is designed to make you feel great!Come see us soon. 

Hair Treatments

Promoting Healthy Hair with Today's Styles

B3 Demi Treatment

  • Repairs & strengthens the hair's inner structure
  • Resurfaces & seals the cuticle to prevent moisture loss
  • Helps reduce breakage
  • Lasts 12 shampoos

Hot Oil Treatment
Hot oil treatments can help with dry scalp conditions including dandruff. However, hot oil treatments are a short-term fix and must be repeated on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness.

Moisturizing Treatment
The moisturizers will soften your hair and improve its elasticity. Using heat appliances and chemical processes remove moisture from your hair that needs to be replaced. If your hair feels dry, you need to restore lost moisture.

Protein Reconstructing Treatment.
Hair can be severely damaged from chemical processing (perms, relaxers, color, bleaching, highlights, etc.) This is because these processes remove protein from the hair. Under a microscope, protein depleted hair can be seen to have tiny holes in it. A protein treatment will put back the protein and strengthen your hair. In badly damaged hair, these treatments will need to be given on a recurring basis to sustain the added strength.

Dry scalp / dandruff treatment
Specifically designed to relieve particular spots on the scalp that itch, this hair care set restores your scalp to order. When dandruff hits, this anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner is your remedy.

Split End Repair

 Repairs, Strengthens, Seals & Protects Ends For Up To 8 Weeks 
This treatment fills in and binds broken hair fibers together, instantly mending split ends while a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by protecting ends against daily styling and environmental damage.


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